Our Leadership Team

Vikas Dwivedi

Managing Director

Vikas has more than 15 years of experience in Security Operations. He believes in the long term relation with the Customers.

He is responsible for implementing the Company’s Operations Strategy and Compliance.

He has taken the initiatives in the Organization to scale it up widely in multiple locations in India along side with Service Industry expansion. He and his operations team are working towards achieving Company’s Vision and Mission with full commitment and excitement.



Message from Managing Director

Hey folks, Hiring a Private Security Agency for all your Security Needs is always a cumbersome job. Isn’t it? The reason is, In India, the number of unorganized Security Companies are around 100 times more   than the Organized Companies. Hence, this results in the compromised and getting the bad services. Would you ever like to see an Inattentive Security Guard in Semi-Uniform or in incomplete Uniform? Or someone who does not behave to your visitors propriety or with you? I know, you will never ever. But, Unfortunately, you experience this very often. Most of the companies hire an unskilled man power and ask them to put on a Uniform. Once he puts on the Uniform, they call him a Security Guard and started expecting a good services from him. This is strange but truth. There is a difference between a Professional Security Guard and a Ordinary man wearing a Security Guard Uniform. Professional Security Guards are the ones who are trained, well-behaved, certified, experienced, trusted, verified, committed, hard working and responsible. We make sure that our customer gets the same what he pays for. We provide the highly skilled and trained security personals as per your relevant industry. We have a standard hierarchy of management who takes care that Customer’s need is being fulfilled since we are providing the services to help our Customers, not to increase their problems. We are very much following  to RPSS’s philosophy ‘Delivering the Service with Customer-Centric Mindset’. Hope, you will give us a chance to serve you or your organization soon and release all your Security related concerns on us.

Vivek Dwivedi

 Executive Director

Vivek has a rich experience in defining and implementing the Growth path Strategies for the Company. He believes in Process Oriented Work culture along with the company’s philosophy of ‘Delivering the Service with Customer Centric Mindset’  He is responsible for managing Sales, Branding, Finance and Human Resource functions in the Company. He is working strategically and enthusiastically with his team for Raising Fund, Getting more Business and Controlling Finance.



Message from Executive Director

Running a business without a strategy and robust processes always results in compromised outcomes. As a Strategic Head of the Company, I make sure that we are following relevant Standard Operating Procedures in  all the Organization’s functions. We have a strong Sales and Marketing strategy, Operations Strategy, Finance & Investment Strategy and HR Strategy to deliver our services to Customers efficiently and Result-Oriented. With the robust delivery processes which  we have designed keeping the different sectors in mind, we serve to our Customers  in a better way. We focus on skilled and trained Man-power, integrated Security Solutions and deep monitoring services. We have a transparent feedback management system which enables us to understand the end customer’s problem and pain area. Basis the customer’s feedback, we enhance and upscale the standard of Services. This is the key of our success and the answer of why one should choose us as their Security Service Partner. Customer’s trust and satisfaction on our Services helping us growing fast and keeping the strong and long term service relations with all of our Customers

Nitin Atraiya

Sales & Marketing Manager

Nitin is heading the sales and marketing vertical of the organization. He is passionate towards quality sales, new business development and relationship management. In his past experiences, he has headed many sales teams in start ups, corporate operations, multi service providers and small organizations. He has worked in sectors like business outsourcing, automobiles, luxury products, consumer durables and FMCG. He is a LEAN certified, Google certified and UI Path certified marketing professional who follows a straight approach towards work. His ability of getting the work done will help the organization to achieve its targeted goals and move towards the vision of marking the PAN India presence.

Message from Sales & Marketing Head

Marketing and Business Development A very significant and complex part of every organisation. Without the right approach for marketing, no company can achieve the desired sales targets. In order to strategize the marketing moves, we’ve to think differently with a futuristic vision following the time deadlines. For me, sales is not a onetime transaction, it’s a never ending process. It’s a culture you have to follow every single day without a fail, to achieve your objectives. Customer Satisfaction is a key aspect, which many sales professionals overlook in the race of meeting the numbers. Sales & Customer Satisfaction, both go hand in hand or you can say these two are different sides of the coin. We believe strongly in “A good sale will give you an incentive, but a happy Customer will give you endless business.

Ex. Capt. (Hon.) Nahar Singh Yadav

Operations Excellence Manager

Nahar has served the India Army with Honorable Captain rank for 15 years. He is associated working with RPSS more that a decade and serving our clients with his operational excellence & leadership.

He works closely with the Unit Operations Teams and governs the Site Operations.

His past experience and his ability to strategize the process based operations execution, Manpower Training and to handle the Site level complications strengthens the RPSS’ Operations vertical.

He is planning to upscale the Operations standards to the next level for meeting the Organizations upcoming milestones.