Corporate Spaces and Offices


Corporate Spaces and Offices

The biggest challenge in the Corporate Offices and in the Multi-Office Spaces are the heavy number of Footfall. The Employees, Visitors, On-ground Staff, Contractual Staff, Food Vendors, Support Vendors, Labors etc. are the key people who works on such premises in different shifts. Securing such environment from all type of threats is always a challenge. RPSS works with a strategy to operate smoothly on such customer sites. RPSS partners to all the Company’s admin and HR Staff to enable the process for Authorized Entries. We enable our Customer to focus on Operational Complexities and Challenges whereas RPSS takes care all the Security Processes within a day to day activities. RPSS provides the extensive services and expert support to Corporate Industries and Office Space Owners with below mentioned High Level Duties:
High-level Duties and Responsibilities Covered:

  • Parking Management
  • Access Control Based Entry
  • Gate Pass Management
  • Securing the Environment
  • Tracking & Recording of In/Out Entries
  • Tracking & Recording of Vehicles Coming
  • Scanning and Frisking of all the Staffs
  • Separate Tracking and Records of Visitor
  • Deep Checking of each Vehicles Coming In the Premises
  • Dual Confirmation from respective Employee or Department to allow the Delivery Boys, Courier Boys
  • Mobile Patrolling in Day and Night
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Securing Company’s Assets
  • Fire Evacuation Support
  • Enabling Fire Alarm, Alarm based fencing
  • Ensuring the COVID Appropriate Behavior
  • Mock Drills on Emergency evacuation in case of Fire or any other emergency
  • Performing Thermal Screening and Sanitization to all Incomers
  • Separate Tracking and Records of Vendors & Contractual Workers
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    What Clients Say

    “Really Appreciated! The overall method and process of operating is very much relaxing and as a customer if someone takes my pain away what could be better than that!! Reliable Services and Trusted Team. Recommending RPSS to others as well”

    General Manager

    PSPN Synergy

    “We are using RPSS’ services since the day of my organization’s inaugurations. I had heard about the Services from fellow Industrialists and was surprised to know that they are working with many clients for more than 10 years. But now, we are experiencing the same. Good work Team RPSS!!”

    Founder and CEO

    JSR Industries


    “I had described few common security problems to RPSS Sales Team, I liked the way they came up with the team of experts and done a detailed discussion on each problem and proposed the effective solutions to us. We trusted them and now we are glad that our 90% problems are addressed. Overall good approach and team work from RPSS. Thanks You Team.”

    Administration Head

    Radhey Shyam Housing


    Few Reasons Why You Should
    Choose Us


    Having Customer Centric Approach

    Customer focus means putting your customers' needs first


    Process Centric Approach not the Human Centric Approach

    We work on the Process-Centric Approach, not the Human-Centric Approach


    Key to Business Success

    We don’t believe in making the money only but strongly believe in good relations for long term business goals


    Having rich experience in Security Operations

    Having rich experience in Security Operations  More than 20 Years and Highly Skilled Management Team


    Having good strength of Trained Manpower

    Having good strength of Trained Manpower and huge network of Manpower across India


    ‘PSARA License’ as per the ‘Private Security Agencies Regulation Act’

    Having Indian Government Certified ‘PSARA License’ as per the ‘Private Security Agencies Regulation Act’.