We Listen what you say!

Customer’s Feedbacks are important to us. We listen to what our Customer says. We have a strong system in place which enables us to prioritize and methodologically act on the customer feedbacks. We have a transparent feedback management system which enables us to understand the end customer’s problem and pain area. Basis the customer’s feedback, we enhance and upscale the standard of Services. This is the key of our success and the answer of why one should choose us as their Security Service Partner. Customer’s trust and satisfaction on our Services helping us growing fast and keeping the strong and long term service relations with all of our Customers.

RPSS works with the ‘Customer Centric Mindset’ approach. We appreciate all kind of ‘Positive’, ‘Negative’ or ‘Neutral’ feedbacks from our Clients.

All the ‘Positive’ feedbacks motivate us to do better and keep our team charged up to deliver the best services. Basis the ‘Positive’ feedbacks, we provide recognition and rewards to our Operations Team and Marketing Team, hence that motivates them to always be on their toes to provide satisfactory services.

All the ‘Negative’ feedbacks allow us to retrospect on our service model, operating methods and human errors. We list out the ‘Negative’ feedbacks and take out the necessary action plan out of that and then implement the actions to overcome the gaps. We do this exercise extensively and very often. By doing this, our customers trust get more strengthen on us and we as a Company keeps getting matured and more service oriented.

All the ‘Neutral’ feedbacks allow my Operations Team to think what ‘Value Add’ they can do for the end consumers apart from the traditional services.